Launch ev4all AG / MCU-Event

All I can say is WOW!!!

Accompanied by wonderful weather, the first helpers arrive early and the preparations for the exhibition begin. One by one, all the invited exhibitors arrive and the vision that began on paper takes shape. Is everything in the right place? Are you sure we haven’t forgotten anything?

After a short briefing from our CEO Roland Lehmann, we can finally get started!

The first visitors arrive and of course want to do test rides right away. The interest is great and we are even more looking forward to the numerous visitors. They come from all over. Former customers, people interested in electric mobility and friends and family from Murten, Bern, Vaud, Zurich and even Graubünden and Valais.

Our guests come to us with questions, and in addition to the familiar ones, very specific questions are also asked and very exciting conversations ensue. We exchange experiences and learn all kinds of things.

Porsche Bern has of course brought along an eye-catcher with their Taycan and is enjoying great popularity. After the great enthusiasm, you look around to see what else is on offer. There is also Enzo Ferrari with the Livewire by Harley Davidson, Bikebox with their great electric bikes, the two Tesla clubs and so on and so forth.

At noon everyone is hungry and enjoys a fine freshly cooked risotto.

Freshly strengthened, the afternoon begins. After all the impressions outside, you can let the ev4all team show you their workplaces inside and learn exciting things about the computer unit in a Tesla during the presentations. A new app, where you can get credit for charging, is also discovered.

The day draws to a close and the hustle and bustle of people slowly calms down. The last questions are answered and the last test drives come back. The exhausted ev4all team looks back happily on the successful day and toasts are shared after all the clean-up work.

After a touching speech and words of thanks for Roland, even a little tear is wiped from the eyes.


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