About us

ev4all = electric vehicles for all (before tesla4all)

Our philosophy

We offer everyone the opportunity to experience electric mobility: the comfort, the technology, the peace of mind and the surprise of incredible performance without CO2 emissions.

By discovering today’s electric cars, we promote renewable mobility and thus accelerate the energy transition.

By introducing people to today’s electric cars, we want to promote the renewable mobility and therefore accelerate the energy revolution.

Our team

Roland Lehmann


Maja Lehmann

Events, Marketing

Welton Lima

Teamleader Rental

Annelies Lima


Sophie Thielen

Sales Advisor

Darryl Ackermann

Legal consultant

Florian Wüthrich

Management Assistant

Audrey Helfer

Management Assistant

Demian Kammer

Website, Social Media

Janis Imfeld


Nina Beutling

Accounting Assistant

Hans-Jakob Flückiger


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