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Let yourself be surprised by the incredible performance of an electric car! Drive one of our electric cars from now on, be it for a birthday, a wedding or any other special event, as a replacement car, for a long term experiment or just for fun.

Tesla Model X - Elektroauto kaufen und verkaufen bei ev4all

Electric vehicle purchase and sale

Our team specialized in purely electric vehicles helps you to make the change to CO₂ neutral driving as easy as possible and supports you if necessary with the sale of your vehicle. Discover a wide range of used vehicles and let our specialized team advise you.

Insure electric vehicle

We have a cooperation with Zürich Versicherungen, the official partner of Tesla. With many years of experience in the insurance industry, we will work together with you to find a solution tailored to your needs.

Tesla Model S - Elektroauto versichern ev4all
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We want to offer everyone the opportunity to experience the thrill of electric driving: the comfort, the technology, the peace and quiet and the surprise of incredible performance without CO2 emissions. By discovering today’s electric cars, we want to promote renewable mobility and thus accelerate the energy revolution.

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From 1 August, we will be there for you at our new address: Freiburgstrasse 71